What I Really Know

What do I really know? What do I really know know, not think I know, but really know.

I know that true wisdom comes from within.

I know that I’ve been accessing it my whole life.

I know that everyone is in possession of her own wisdom.

For me accessing it came naturally: I was always introspective. I always wrote. I always observed and I always questioned.

I know that the most powerful thing one can spend her time on is listening to herself.

Intuition, guidance, self-knowledge, self-awareness…

There is no need to worry about disconnecting from reality as reality is an illusion.

What I really truly know is that life is beautiful. Our planet is beautiful and we are truly living in a dream.

It’s too bad so many allow their power to be drained through media, social media, and other people’s opinions.

I also believe that each person is and will find her way. So I am not worried.

I also really truly know that worrying about anything is a drain on my / your / one’s personal power and that relinquishing worry is claiming your own power.

What I really truly know is that life is long and beautiful and that you choose your own lens.

I also really know that it’s possible, at any given moment in time, to look through a new lens, to choose a new lens, to change your view, your perspective, your opinions and your life.

I really truly know that transformation on many levels is possible and that it starts with one’s own mind and one’s focus and that it has a lot more to do with being than doing.