Personal Journey

What I Really Know

What do I really know? What do I really know know, not think I know, but really know. I know that true wisdom comes from within. I know that I’ve been accessing it my whole life. I know that everyone is in possession of her own wisdom. For me accessing it came naturally: I was …

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Stop Working So Hard

I am going to stop working so hard and start enjoying my life more – – much much more. I’m flipping my priorities from what seems to be what I should be doing, to what really, truly matters to me – feeling good, getting plenty of fresh air and sleep, exercising and getting fit, and …

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Play To Your Strengths

Don’t forget to play to your strengths. There’s a lot of talk about getting out of your comfort zone, but don’t mistake this with doing things that you’re simply not good at or that you don’t like doing. Process of elimination does work. I’ve spent the last year doing what everyone else was telling me …

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