Play To Your Strengths

Don’t forget to play to your strengths.

There’s a lot of talk about getting out of your comfort zone, but don’t mistake this with doing things that you’re simply not good at or that you don’t like doing.

Process of elimination does work. I’ve spent the last year doing what everyone else was telling me to do.

In the process I completely ignored that I am a naturally good writer.

I’ve been writing consistently since I was 6 years old.

But everyone was telling me that I don’t need a website to make money online! It’s hard and costly and, and, and…

Do YouTube, do the Facebook social media scour!

Sorry, not sorry, it’s so not for me. 

I’ve spent much, much more money on things that were not my website while on this journey.

One of them being ClcikFunnels.

I’m not dissing ClickFunnels. I’m simply saying, when you are new to the whole game, you’re going to spend some money and realize later you didn’t need to (if only you knew)…

You’re probably going to follow some advice and get lost more than once before you find yourself again.

And then maybe, like me, the real “AH-HA” moment is when you listen to yourself.

Discover or re-discover your real strengths and allow things to become much, much easier.

Now that I am back to writing and working on my website – which I love to do – I feel so good! Instead of feeling blocked by all the noise on social media where everyone is telling you what to do and how, I’m following my own advice at last:

Do what you love!*

Play to your strengths!

What are your strengths?  Have you ever considered them?

Yes, you will need to grow. Yes, some things are going to feel uncomfortable because they are new to you.

Yes, even when you are doing what you love you will have difficult days and that’s where you will need to work on your mindset.

The real mindset kicker is to convince yourself that you are fully capable of building a business based on your strengths, passions and knowledge… to convince your own brain and beliefs that it’s possible to truly love what you do… to believe that it can be easy and feel good – even great!

Let nothing in the way of your dreams.

Continue to do what you most love and to the result that you most want.

Don’t be fooled by all the noise.

Furthermore, don’t get caught up in believing that one way or the other way is going to get you where you want to go faster.

It will take the same amount of time whichever path you choose.

It’s going to take your very own specific and unique amount of time.

*Disclaimer: Doing what you love doesn’t mean doing nothing…