Dedication – Devotion – Faith (Trusting life & myself)

This blossoming took time and I am just getting started…

You don’t just put a seed in the ground and then rip it out the next day because it didn’t bloom. –A. Hicks

This blossoming took time.

Time when I felt lost

Time when I couldn’t see the light

It took times of darkness, anxiety, depression.

It took times of numbness

It took time of searching for the way out of my own mental confines….

Of my own story…. And the stories inherited¬† from my familial tribe.

This blossoming took friendships – it cost friendships.

It took hearing that I wasn’t fun to be around.

It took learning cognitive science to start scratching at the surface of my own mental caging.

It took conscious effort to listen to my own thoughts

It took months of EFT

It took feminine awakening

It took addiction and wanting to stop

It took ahyuasca

It took aura readings

It took the patience and generosity of really good friends

It took moving apartments and countries (multiple times)

It took 4 months in India.

It took my own damn willingness to look at myself and realize that I wanted to change

It took getting sick of myself, my complaints and my unhappiness


It took going inside

It took I don’t know how many long walks alone

It took even more self-awareness

And then emotional awareness

And then thought-awareness

It took visioning

It took feeling into it

It took loving my whole life

It took countless filled journals

It took daily meditation and dedication

And it took a whole hell of a lot more than this…

This is just to say: You have to start somewhere…

You may not always see a clear path,

But you have to start anyway.

You have to start listening to yourself.

There might be a lot standing in your way

And, it might even look good from the outside:

A 6-figure career, but you’re suffocating with 60 hour weeks.

You feel rushed through life without enough time,

Yet you desire to make a genuine contribution,

Or spend more time with your children…

You hear a calling for change.

You hear a calling for more.

I can reassure you

– that inner voice that is calling you –

it cannot be ignored,

it can only be put off.

It’s really up to you to choose the timing of your path.

You can’t rush it.

I have a feeling, though, that you are ready.