Hi! I’m Rebekah Aff.

I want to change the world by helping you achieve financial freedom & live a fulfilled & joyful life.

I’m a personal development junkie - ha! If that’s not an oxymoron! - newly obsessed with digital marketing and online business. 

I have an inner calling to serve women by helping them transform their lives through building their own online businesses and masterminds. 

Born and raised in California, I have made my way around half the globe, California-NYC-Berlin, and am currently located in Solothurn, Switzerland. 

Not too long ago I found myself standing behind my packing station thinking: Is this all there is? 

A clear vision of my dreams dropped in on me at that very moment and, although I didn’t know it quite yet, a lot of things were about to change. 

You see, I had been a techno & house DJ for 16 years and yet, I found myself with few to no gigs, working a part-time packing job and struggling to make a record. 

I was anxious, depressed, and afraid of my future. 

From that moment at my job, I realized I had some big, BIG changes to make in order to realize (REAL-ize) all those dreams I had had so long in my head.

You know the ones…time freedom, location freedom, financial freedom … the house, the horses, the nice car...  

Hence: Transformation time! 

I took it upon myself to turn that ship around. 

This last year has been all about uncovering my true desires and stepping up to the challenges of building my own online business from scratch.

After a lot of investment in top-notch courses, high-performance coaching, and even more personal investment in the deep, deep inner work of transformation, I’m ready.

I’m ready to share with you all that I’ve learned. I want to help you get clarity on your vision of your ideal future, your ideal business, and help you make that vision a reality. 

I am so happy to have you on this journey with me.

You can start by getting clarity on your dreams and goals by going here:


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I can't wait to serve you!

With love, always,

Rebekah ❤️

Rebekah Aff
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